Gambling – The People Who Started It All

Gambling is a popular activity these days. It attracts all age groups and keeps them interested. The game is a very attractive offer if you decide to make money. They end up clinging to it. They must keep in mind that this is only a game that only works by chance.

Gambling is a game where your money or anything of tangible value is at stake. It depends entirely on a person’s ability to manipulate the game.

There is no doubt that gambling can be a profitable option. This is precisely why it has been a great success and continues to reign over the world.

People still do not know how or who started playing. Blackjack, slot machines and poker are the most popular ways of playing today.

You will find below a list of people who contributed to this game of chance:

1. Liberty Bell was the first slot machine invented by Charles Fey in 1985. The idea of ​​a slot machine came to his mind in 1985 when he was simply a car mechanic in San Francisco.

The first slot machine created by him was made from three spinning wheels in three shapes: diamonds, hearts and spades and a “cracked” Liberty Bell drawn with each roll.

In 1907, another manufacturer wanted to reproduce machines similar to those of Charles Fey. Henry Stephen Mills was successful and came out with the slot machine called Operator Bell.

Since then, slot machines are evolving and are very popular even today.

2. Nobody knows either how a game of blackjack started or who started it. None of them at that time thought he would become famous and so did not care to know his story.

However, blackjack was mastered in a few years and people even had strategies to fight it.

In 1958, McDermott, Cantey, Baldwin and Maisel developed a strategy for the game of blackjack. The strategy has caused so much turmoil among players and statisticians.

These four geniuses had a simple hand calculator to design this strategy or the game of blackjack. They then wrote a book called “Winner Blackjack”. It’s still the most favorite book in the world.

We all live in the modern world of gambling under the name of “card counting techniques”.

These people have contributed immensely to the game. Play, being a negative aspect of today’s society, still reigns over the world through these people. They made the game a real phenomenon.


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