Gambling Vs Your Brain: Who Wins?

The differences over whether play has a positive or destructive influence on your brain have long existed, both in ordinary people and scientists. The latter have carried out numerous studies showing unexpected results. The game is not always a cause of problems for people, it can even be useful for your brain and your life. In this short article, we will explain how gambling influences your brain.

The game as a remedy
Muhammad Ali, Robin Williams and even Pope John Paul II had one thing in common: all had been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. Most of the victims showed signs of slow movement, tremors, walking difficulties and reflection problems. So, how does Parkinson’s work? It literally destroys the dopaminergic neurons in the brain that control the body’s movements. Dopamine has another property – this is one of the elements responsible for pleasure. From the point of view of the game, the game process mimics the impact of the drug on your brain. In a word, a person feels better, at least for a time. Of course, there are medications that can help reduce the effects of the disease, but you need to increase the doses each time you take the pill. And in the end, the drug becomes useless.

A way to keep your mind young
Youth is something we want to get rid of first, and then we want it back. We can not always be young, but at least we can slow down aging by using various innovative methods. As for the human brain, it also ages with time. And if you want to be smart and spiritual in your sixties, then you should take care of your mind. The best way to look cooler than your peers is simple: think and develop ideas.

Studies have shown that those who hold their minds are much more likely to maintain their mental abilities than those who have no brainstorming activity in their daily routine. Of course, there are many exercises that can help you become a “smart guy”, but they all look dull and banal. And finally, we have reached the major point: what about combining pleasure and utility? The game is at your service. And if you think the previous sentence is nonsense, do not rush to draw any conclusions.

Almost all table games (Blackjack, Hold’em, etc.) require the use of short-term memory. As you play, you must memorize and count the cards. In addition, having a conversation with the players and inventing some witty jokes could never hurt. Summarizing this paragraph, we can firmly say that play is a way to look brilliant in old age. By the way, choosing a suitable place to play is also a big problem. Most of the trendy casinos are only found in some cities and those in your home town may not give you the pleasure. Fortunately, nowadays we can play online gambling. But even in the case of online casinos, it can be difficult to choose the best option because there are thousands. HolyMolyCasinos is one of the best portals that reviews casinos and give you a reliable and informative review. These guys stand out from the crowd – the information is fun and enlightening.

Despite the facts listed above, gambling can not be considered a completely harmless pastime, just as medications can not always be considered a cure. Games of chance can potentially become as addictive as physical substances. People who rely heavily on bets feel an irresistible desire to play more and more, until they win. And when players find the right combination, the idea of ​​winning even more is beyond them. This seems to be a vicious circle.

The integral part of online casinos is a self-exclusion program. Players can request this option, which will deny them access to a casino. So, if you are afraid to let yourself be drawn into online games, you can always force yourself to stop by contacting support agents.


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