Will You Stop Gambling When You Are Up?

Let me ask a question, when you play casino games, when should you quit? Do you have to stop when you get a predetermined result? If you do not win, then the answer is absolutely yes, and the faster will be the better. And that’s probably the case. But what about when you’re well? So the answer is blurry.

Understand that when you continue to play, you will absolutely lose everything back in time. But this truth could take a long time to come true. In the meantime, you might want to keep driving high. And you have the chance to play with the casino chips now, so your money is not risky. This comfortable fact tends to entice a player to continue playing. After all, you came to have fun, right?

Yes and no. Stopping with a win is very much fun too. And losing gains is not very fun at all. It is crucial to think about this point when choosing a stopping point. How do you handle that if it happens? If it does not affect you emotionally, then you should be more inclined not to stop again. If that spoils your day, be more inclined to run with the win.

It makes sense to lock in the winnings, but what if you had just entered the casino and planned to spend more time playing? Have you ever thought about going to the movies? I admit that I may be ridiculous. I realize we are in the mood to play when we go to the casino. However, taking a break is never a bad concept when you are lucky and you win immediately. It feels good to walk around with the winnings in your pocket. Even for a little while.

However, this does not solve the problem of whether leaving the game when you win has an impact on your long-term returns. The conclusion is: Only if you stop for good. If you just want to play again one day or another, there is really no difference, so you can keep playing because that’s what you’ve come to do. In this case, you should never even pay attention to your results because it is only entertainment. And it’s actually the best attitude to adopt, because casinos do not give money. Have a great stay and pay no reference to your results, win or lose.

If only it were so easy! We, the people, are generally struggling to make up the losses and treat the gains prudently. This is unfortunately our nature and it can prevent prudent accounting decisions. The truth is that all the funds you have right now are as real and as profitable as all the money you’ve worked hard for. So, perhaps the best thing to do is to set aside a certain amount of money for the game and expect to part with it. Thus, any remaining game at the end of your game will be a surplus that you can bring back home.


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